I love this guide! Not only does it include recipes for safe and natural fertilizers, but it covers the why behind each one. I feel like I know so much more about what plants need to thrive!

Mindy Wood
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Feed your garden right out of your kitchen!

Grow the organic garden you've always wanted, by using kitchen scraps!

Eat Confidently

No more wondering what is in your home grown food from store bought synthetic fertilizers!

Always Know What to Do

Use the handy charts in the book to recognize the needs of your plant --  then use the cheap or free fertilizer ideas to correct your plants' issues!

Upcycle Those Kitchen Scraps

Feel good about using those scraps that you throw away every day to nourish your garden

Nourish the Garden is the simple and extensive resource every gardener needs close at hand. I wish I had a copy of this the first time I grew a garden on my own. Now I'm looking at the household items I have on hand (even our crab / shrimp shells) as solid gold for our garden!

Mirlandra Neuneker
Mirlandra's Kitchen

Feed Your Plants AND Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By simply just using what's in your kitchen to nourish your garden

Discover the treasure trove of garden fertilizers you have right in your home!

Skip the store, and the chemicals!

Easy options for feeding your garden easily

Recipes for safe and natural fertilizers

I love this book!

Nourish Your Garden is a treasure trove of information for the home gardener. Having easy homemade organic fertilizer recipes at your fingertips is a game changer. No more not-really-sure-what’s-in-them fertilizers from the garden center. Now I can have truly organic produce from my gardens.

And if that wasn’t enough, Kristi includes a really handy chart to know which nutrients your plants need, and which ones they have too much of! This is absolutely going to be my go-to when something’s not right in the garden.

Thanks for putting this together Kristi!

Cery N.
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Skip the store, and the chemicals -- TODAY!


Kristi Stone

Kristi has been writing about homesteading since 2010, and specializes in teaching gardening, food preservation, crafting, and homestead planning and organization at the beginner level. She and her family live in Sunny Southern California on a one acre hobby farm where they work diligently to raise their own dairy, eggs, and produce.

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