Do you find the whole process of seed starting daunting?

Do you struggle with knowing when to start your seeds indoors?

Do you have a hard time keeping your seedlings alive once they sprout?

The Super Easy Guide to Seed Starting has all of the answers you need to get your little seedlings through the most fragile time of their lives!

Learn how to plant, feed, water, and care for your seedlings all the way up to planting day.

This super easy guide will take you from learning what you can grow in your area, to planting healthy seedlings into your garden. Easy to understand, Get ready to save money on transplant seedlings and get victory in your garden!

What you will learn from this book:

how to find your planting zone 

what you can plant and when where you live 

how to choose your seeds 

how to decide what you will plant your seeds in 

how to plant seeds most effectively 

how to build a simple and inexpensive lighting set up 

how to water and feed your seedlings 

how to care for your seedlings until you are ready to plant them outdoors


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